The world of Tereza Horáková. Jan Skácel and composers of fragile details

"Interpretation becomes an experience in which every tone, every gesture has its exact place and meaning."

"Tereza Horáková is a well-known 'concept' in the field of contemporary music; despite her young age, she is a sought-after performer among authors."

A slightly different advent. The Berg Orchestra and its audience 

"The performance of Tereza Horáková, Štochla's former student, would dazzle me even among more experienced and older violinists. The fact that at such a young age (year of birth 1999) she can capture the finest dynamic and expressive nuances with maturity and naturalness, moreover in a work of such depth, is Great..."

Meet: Tereza Horáková

"Musical and instrumental insight, boundless interpretive imagination and the ability to empathize with the composers thinking, make her perhaps the most sought-after violinist for the premiere of new works, confirmed by many contemporary compositions dedicated to Tereza Horáková"

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