Tereza Horáková was born in 1999 in Prague. She started playing the violin at the Basic Art School in Prague's Hostivař district, where she was taught by MgA. Ondřej Štochl, composer, music teacher and violist. He soon discovered her extraordinary musical talent.

("It was almost impossible to assign her simple compositions, because it was in direct contradiction to the seriousness and sincerity that she felt in her relationship to music"), recalls the composer, who wrote for her in 2011 the composition 'Blue – Pure and Fragile' which she performed as a soloist when only 12 years of age (the composition became the winning work of the Berg Nuberg Orchestra 2011 competition ...see the Berg Orchestra website . . . .).

From 2015 she studied at the Prague Conservatory, first in the class of prof. Jitka Nováková, and from the second year with prof. Pavel Kudelásek. She finished her studies in 2021 with a graduation concert with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra as the winner of an audition for a solo performance. (see website . . ) With this orchestra, under the baton of Miriam Němcová, she performed Karol Szymanowski's 1st Violin Concerto.

Tereza regularly attends international courses, e.g. Allegro Vivo in Horn, Austria, in the class of violinist Sophie Jaffé, as well as masterclasses, e.g. with violinist Cynthia Freivogel.
From an early age she has participated in competitions, winning many awards.
From her early studies at the Basic Art School, Tereza already showed a great interest in interpreting contemporary music. She has performed as a soloist with the Berg Chamber Orchestra, Opera Diversa, and also at concerts of the art association Konvergence and at contemporary music festivals.

In June 2023 she won a competition for new European talent organized in the Czech Republic.

Also in 2023, Teresa collaborated in a project called Synergy with performers and composers from the Balkan countries, and their chamber music compositions were subsequently performed in the biggest festivals in the area (Montenegrin KotorArt Don Branko's Music Days, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Ljubljana Festival, Belgrade Festivals Centre, Vox Baroque Albania, and Chopin Piano Fest in Kosovo).

In addition, Tereza has premiered a number of compositions by contemporary composers, often created directly for her
("Musical and instrumental insight, boundless interpretive imagination and the ability to empathize with the composers thinking, make her perhaps the most sought-after violinist for the premiere of new works, confirmed by many contemporary compositions dedicated to Tereza Horáková") - quote from prof. Pavel Kudelásek.

In addition to her solo work, Tereza is a key member of the trio Helix, which focuses on the music of contemporary Czech and foreign composers. With this trio, she performs at domestic and foreign contemporary music festivals.
Tereza is also dedicated to the interpretation of Early Music, especially German Baroque. She has held the post of concertmaster of the Baroque Orchestra of the Prague Conservatory under the direction of Jakub Kydlíček. She regularly performs with Czech baroque ensembles, such as Concerto Aventino, Collegium Marianum or the Czech Ensemble Baroque, mainly as a soloist. On the course in Holešov, she won a competition for a performance with an orchestra and performed J.S. Bach's concerto for violin and orchestra in A minor).
She continues to expand her repertoire playing compositions of a romantic nature - both chamber works and major Violin Concertos.

Tereza is currently studying in her second year in Dresden at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber in the class of the famous violin teacher, prof. Natalia Prishepenko.